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And though it may not seem that way, all projects here have had major or minor help from Excel. Descriptions of why and how will at a later date be incorporated on this page, too.

On September 26, 2016 I discovered the "make gif" option in my video editor program.
Leaving the wobbly sound from my Excel movies at the front door, I have pursued the silent path.
Of which the results can be found here.
New GIF's will be added, infrequently, but they will be added at the top.

As the animated gifs incorporated as images make the page freeze, for now there are links below that take you to a dropbox-file.

2018-02-02, TEMKO FINAL

This will be the last time I use the TEMKO logo for creating a new way of playing with images.
The previous one received the feedback "mm, the logo isn't really recognisable anymore", which I totally agreed with.
This time it's hard to miss!
2018-01-19, Refraction Visualised

My entry for the .GIF festival in 2017.
I did make it to the finals, byut didn't win

2018-01-12, Excel-ing Galileo (Tom Johnson)

Inspired by a live performance of Tom Johnson's Galileo by Pierre Berthet.
It's quite a long .gif, ut I encourage you to watch till the 'end' where all 5 pendulums are in swing.
Of course this concept is going to be applied to other images :-)

2018-01-01, Happy New Year

From 7 to 8!
2017-15-12, Colorwaves

Fooling around with changing the color gradually, for each individual RGB item.
2017-11-24, Bubbles Bouncing

At some point you can't see the logo.
At some point you can't see that the light beam breaks in a prism.
And then you just enjoy the bubbles bouncing around.
2017-11-17, Evolution of Prism Tool with F and H

Taking the whole prism thing to a new level.
2017-11-10, TEMKO - AGAIN

2017-11-03, Melting the Melted Watch - again

Animated GIF altenative to the video of October 13th, 2017

2017-11-01, From order to Chaos and back again (or just some Wednesday afternoon fun)

2017-10-06, TEMKO Prism & Mirror

2017-08-11, One Lightbeam, 9 mirrors

When you have a formula for calculating reflection and refraction, why not go really overboard ... Nope, that was too busy, don't want to induce any epileptic seizure. So it's just one lightbeam, two prism (one sort of useless) and 9 mirrors.

2017-06-26: Prism Mandala.
Taking the prism-idea to use with other images.

2017-06-03: Spreadsheet Prism.
Inspired by another installation I saw at EYE ATTACK, by Alberto Biasi.

2017-06-01: Decimals of Pi and e as coordinates for a wandering green dragon.

2017-03-21: Shamelessly copied after visiting EYE ATTACK - didn't even bother to write down the artist's name....

2016-12-06: Trapped in the middle / Trapped in the corners

2016-11-28: Breathing hexagons

2016-10-16: For a color hearing friend

The gif is about 10 minutes, the original movie is just under 2 hours, and the superslow video is 39 hours long.
Upon request I can send them to you. As you're here, I'm assuming you have my contact information.

2016-09-28: Six Red Snakes On A Sphere

2016-09-28: Attempt 5 (in getting rid of black borders :-) )

2016-28-09: Links of rechts

2016-09-26: Met drie in stilte

2016-09-26: Silent

2013-02-22: Rolling Hammers
This one was made with Flash, found recently while searching for 'something'

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